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Competition cutting

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I watch a video off the http://www.bladesports.org/index.html sight and was wondering what exactly they were cutting and how the scoring was done?

I didn't even know this existed looks cool.
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Ok guys, sorry for the delay, but I did not feel like typing this on my phone.

The OP asked what we are cutting and how it is scored. We have a few staples that we cut at all competitions.
2X4 board
1, 1 1/2, and 2" rope free hanging
3/4" hardwood dowel
Shipping tube (about the size of a paper towel roll, but thicker)

The other cuts vary, we usually do some type of water cut. This can be water bottles in a single file line, coke can pyramid, washers off of a coke can, washers off a gallon jug (milk jug) filled with water.
We have cut a lot of different stuff, more than I can remember or list here. We have cut different types of fruit, pool noodles on top of water bottle, medicine bottles, shotgun shells (plastic only), and an assortment of other stuff.

Each course is timed, the time starts with you first strike on the first 2X4 and ends when you sever the second 2X4. 100 is added to your time, this keeps us out of negative numbers. Each cut has a points value, each successful cut is deducted from your score and lowest score wins. So it is a combination of speed and cuts. This is the best way we have found to keep one particular part of a course from determining the winner.

We average about 10-15 cuts per course and the times range from :35 to 1:15 to run the course.

To see more videos Search BladeSports or cutting competition on YouTube, there are several there.

The world records are all held by the same guy, Ted Ott out of Texas.
2X4 record is 1.87 seconds
Rope is 15- 1" ropes in one swing
Water bottles is 20 in single file row in one swing
All of these are on youtube.

Feel free to keep the questions coming.
If we were not going to a comp on May 8 in AR, E.martin and I would do a demo at M&G II. Maybe next time.
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You gotta hit pretty hard, but its not as bad as some think. Ask Bigsig about it.
Hitting the golf ball is difficult, but not as difficult as hitting the straws. The straws are our most difficult cut. Mainly because it is very inconsistent whether you will cut it or not.
Cutting comps are a blast to watch and participate in. Hopefully I can get something together soon.
Prices for cutters in CPM-M4 (tool steel on steroids) ranges from $500 to $850 depending on the maker. Sorry took so long for the reply.
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