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    I'm a partner in a company and we are beginning to work on an employee hand book. In the template we obtained it has a list of prohibited employee conduct. In the template it just generically states the possession of firearms or other dangerous weapons is a policy violation and justification for termination.

    Anyone seen any good language on how to address firearms in a workplace that wants to be concealed carry friendly yet address guns and other weapons.

    For example maybe language that says the display of a weapon, brandishing, referencing in an intimating manner such as a threat is a violation.

    How should the wording be to allow for possession in a vehicle? Should we just say that possession should be in compliance with state statute? Should weapon not be in plain sight in vehicle?

    Ideas, comments or any P&P language that you have seen that you thought addressed the subject fairly would be appreciated.

  2. GunnyGene

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    Your policy - assuming you have the authority to make policy - is up to you. However, I would write this in a manner that it complies with State, Local, and Federal law and not go beyond that. If you go beyond that there is a chance you could find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit by an employee. There is no need to pay any attention to what some template or other company says.

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    Exactly. While I am an owner, I am not the only owner so it is not solely up to me. I'm trying to find some good language that addresses the issues to make all comfortable yet doesn't create some of the issues you've mentioned.

    I've heard people on here say, concealed is concealed. I would prefer to not address that issue head on in the policy for the reasons you mentioned. I would rather stick to behavior. For example saying that firearms will not be displayed (i.e. they must stay concealed), bringing up having a gun or referencing its possetion in a threatening way, etc.
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    Lake, MS
    This is tricky. Most employers attempt to exercise authority that they don't have in this area. I'm curious to hear what you decide to go with. Maybe don't address it at all.
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    My, how times have first job out of college was at a fairly large bank's main office. The bosses there found 5 employees who were shooters and had them (us) deputized so that we could carry concealed legally (obviously before MS started issuing a carry permit). We were REQUIRED to carry every day and on any given day might get a call to go to the vault where the chosen employee would pick up a small brown paper bag, usually around lunch time, which he would carry out to a car and drive that bag of money to one of the branch locations, looking like he was just going somewhere to sit and eat his lunch.

    After Richard Jordan (still on death row) kidnapped and killed Edwina Marta, then demanded ransom from her husband, a V.P. at another local bank, practically everybody working at any of the Coast banks was armed for several months. Nobody said anything, and all of the guns were concealed so as to not alarm the customers.

    Just my little treatise on the changing back to your regular programing. ;)
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    we have a handbook that all employees are required to attain and keep current for your tenure as an employee the States Enhanced CCW. The stated reason is that the background check required for the CCW is determined to be enough for the company security check. No mention is ever made about a requirement to carry concealed or not. User discretion.

    The thought being that taking the enhanced course, they will be instructed on the States Laws as to where, when, how they will be allowed to carry.
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    Ok. I would hold a employee meeting and present a draft of your proposed rules to them to give them a say in it, and thereby short circuit any future complaints.
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    I like the idea of some how using the CCW background check as a way to show due diligence to provide a safe environment if needed in a frivolous lawsuit claim.
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    Don't remember his name but wish the gun rights attorney that gets on here sometimes would pick up this thread and comment.
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    Stephen Stephanopoulos i believe is name. Believe you could Google #.
    But, correct me if wrong. Unless you provide a fenced in/ secured employee parking, you cannot mandate no guns in vehicle, as pertains to employees.
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  11. Soonered

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    That is correct unless the employer posts a sign that meets state statute. That just limits it outside your vehicle, i.e. when you enter the building where it is posted.
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  12. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy I could only pick one, extra money, or guns.

    Just plain out tell them they are allowed to concealed carry as long as they abide by all the applicable laws.
    That should cover you in most instances I would say. If someone starts flashing their gun that was previously concealed than they have broken an applicable law and I would think that is the extent of your responsibility legally but I'm no lawyer.
    Just trying to use some common sense but then again we are speaking about the law which has an extreme lack of common sense.
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    Interesting topic.
    *watching from the sidelines*
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    I believe her name was Edwina Marta.
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    Thanks, You're exactly right...Edwina was a good friend and fellow bridge player with my wife...husband was Chuck Marta, V.P. at Gulf National Bank. My mind was working faster than my fingers that typed Jordan's name again. Corrected it up there.
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  16. Dave

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    You may want to ban open carry. It is legal in this state to open carry. Simply stating must comply with all state and federal laws would allow open carry as well.
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  17. Arms Lister

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    No one has mentioned your liability insurance policy provisions regarding weapons/firearms.
    I believe that you should ask your insurance company representative or broker to inform you regarding any policy provisions related to weapons/firearms, but do not elaborate on your intentions.
    With that information in hand you will be able to modify your weapons policy to match your insurance or you may find that you need to shop for insurance that will allow you to have the weapons policy that you want.
    I can imagine that you will be better off with no official policy because to have a policy means that you are responsible to enforce it and you are to blame if the policy is insufficient to control employee actions. To state that employees must obey state and federal laws makes you into the enforcer. A failure to enforce then becomes worse than ignorance.

    Jesus had good reason to give the lawyers a hard time.
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    Stamboulieh is closer to his name. Very nice guy, I've talked to him on the phone several times
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