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Discussion in 'Mississippi Concealed Carry' started by Deersnyper, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Deersnyper

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    Anybody know when the next concealed carry class will be around jackson area? I live in newton so newton or jackson
  2. mascott

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  3. captain-03

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    Byram, MS

    Do you already have a permit?

    A course is not necessary just to secure a firearms permit.
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  4. Deersnyper

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  5. Caveman

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    I have my firearms permit but its not yellow like everyone else's. What's with that?
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  6. bubbat

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    Think they just changed the look of them, like they do DL every few years.
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  7. Caveman

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    Ok thanks.
    I was just wondering. I got mine and it didn't look like my stepsons who had his for a few years.
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  8. tgun6542

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    Check with the Scott County sheriffs office, they also do the class.
  9. Dave

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    I believe taking the NRA 8 hour pistol class qualifies for the IC endorsement. As already mentioned, you don't need a class for a carry permit in this state. You can conceal carry in Mississippi without a permit. Just don't do it in other states. The IC endorsement lets you carry in more places in MS and maybe is excepted as a carry permit in a few extra states. Which states that reconize the MS permit seems to change fairly often so it is best to check each state you might be traveling through prior to making a trip.

    They keep changing the look of the cards so who knows what they might look like next year. As long as it hasn't expired it is good.
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