Concealed vs. Open carry

Discussion in 'Mississippi Concealed Carry' started by jimmyj321, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. jimmyj321

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    Just want an opinion about concealed vs. open carry. Here where I live there are several people who carry
    open. I personally carry concealed. I just got to thinking if I was a bad guy, the open carry guys would be the first ones I would look for and take out in a situation. The ones I know who carry open do it as a macho thing and in reality probably should not be allowed to do so. They would be a danger to themselves and anyone around them in an active shooter situation. What do the forum members think?
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  2. rigrat

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    Where do you live?
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  4. Vick

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    I have posted here several times that I almost never open carry for a few different reasons, the main one being that if I need my gun I want it to be a complete surprise to whoever I need to defend myself against. I also don't want to make anyone uncomfortable who might be in the area where I am. I have an enhanced permit and regularly walk right by "No Guns" signs.

    I have no trouble concealing a revolver with up to a 4" barrel or an auto up to the size of a 1911, and, in fact, do so regularly. My most often carried gun, though, is a 2.5" Charter .44 Special.
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  5. jakeg823

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    It's neither your place, nor anyone else's(the govt included) to determine what someone should be allowed to do, as long as they aren't hurting anyone else. Macho BS or not.

    That being said, I don't open carry and, short of being on private land/in the woods, doubt I ever will. Their logic of it being a deterrent is just as sound as yours is, of them being the first target. Neither can be backed up by facts.

    This has been beaten to death here over the years. I think the general consensus has been "to each his own."
  6. Swoops1

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    My personal preference is to carry concealed. I just feel more comfortable. I practice my draw from from concealed and what I've found that during timed exercises there is no huge difference between "me" drawing from open or concealed. I practice my draw from both positions and it varies but on the average I'm about .03 seconds slower from concealed. When I practice I do so trying to be smooth, deliberate and accurate. Most attacks come from ambush so your already at a disadvantage unless you saw it coming. Like the Boy Scouts say "Be Prepared". The main thing is CARRY !
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  7. onlymaroonmatters

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  8. Jarhead5811

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    I think concealed carry is smarter.

    If I ever decided to open carry I'd want a huge revolver and I'd wear it on my weak side hip and still cc on my strong side :p.
  9. sand_man

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    I've carried both ways and am far from being the macho type. Like it was said before, carry how you like, carry legally, but if you carry be ready.
  10. rebel4ever

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    If you carry where there are no gun signs, and you use it there for any reason, it's not going to go well for you. Some laws are stupid, but that won't help you in court. IMO, people who carry should be setting the example and should go out of their way to obey the law, no matter how wrong or backward thinking it is. But you do whatever you think best. I see people open carrying, it suits me if that's what they want to do, but I'm not going to do it. I'm trying to protect myself, not trying to make a statement.
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    Fixed that for you.......
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  12. vr1967

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    (This is in no way a bash, just a bit of history)

    TRUE, ORIGINAL off hand carry was right hip, butt forward, for draw with the left hand. The saber was considered the primary weapon, and was draw/used with the right hand.

    Horsemanship is the same with the right being the "off" side

    But I figure very few nowadays know the customs and terms of yesteryear.
  13. rigrat

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    1-where do you live?

    2- Agree with Jake visually it is a deterrent as much as it could be a target. How many times do crooks abort their robbery when they see a police officer who open carry's or just shoots them and goes on with their plan?

    3- how do you know its macho thing?

    4-Are you a liberal trying to strip them of their right?

    5- Again what proof do you have they would be a danger to themselves and others in a situation?

    What I am hearing is someone trying to push a argument on the subject. Maybe I'm wrong , maybe I'm not.

    I'm still waiting to hear where you live?
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  14. Darth Sillious

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    I do both but when I open carry it's only because of an over-abundance of testosterone.

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  15. sand_man

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    Hit and run poster?
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  16. mascott

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    where'd he go?
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  17. jimmyj321

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    I was not trying to start an argument. I live in Hazlehurst. My point being that I know personally a couple who carry open and from my experience being around them brings up questions in my mind. I have seen one guy who carries a Glock 43 take it out and slide it across a table to a guy who asked him what he was carrying. It is kind of scary being around some of these individuals. I do not question the law or the right to carry. One guy I went through CC class with asked the instructor if it was OK to have a rat shot as your first shot in your firearm. This is the kind of mentality that brings me to pause and think.
  18. Lefty2Guns

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    jimmyj321, lots of people have been infected with liberalism since childhood. They think the bad guy will be fixed after a few years in prison. He won't.

    I do a little open carry, especially if I'm on the way to go shooting, but mostly concealed.

    I will say that I disagree about the open carrier being the first target always. The good guy should have better situational awareness than the untrained criminal in my opinion. Armed police and good guys are a crime deterrent. We should be better trained than the average thug.

    Most of the criminals I've been around (I worked at a prison for years) talk a big game, but are really cowards when it comes down to it. That's why they rob old ladies, gas station clerks and empty houses. That's why murderous shooters go to schools and movie theaters then surrender when the cops arrive or off their selves. That's why all the club shootings have 100 rounds fired and 20 people hit and zero deaths. The average bad guy isn't like John Wick he's just an immoral human being with poor life skills.

    That's just my own opinion though. What you should do is make sure you are trained and proficient with your carry gun and then carry the way that suits your lifestyle and environment.
    Best of luck.
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  19. DEADEYE 1

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    I open-carry around my place, on my land and around it. I want some of the few people that pass, to know that I have always got a gun handy and I have rattlesnakes- big rattlesnakes. But in town I carry concealed. You don,t ever want to pull your gun out in your hand Unless you are willing to pull the trigger if you have to. It can be a deterrant for most men but there are some crazy people out there that will try you.