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cops tote n class III

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Can a LEO carry a class III weapon as his duty gun. ex glock 18, TP-9, or other PDW?
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Yes, they can.
My AC-556 was bought from a MSHP.
On his paperwork it is registered "for use in my duties as a law enforcement officer"
It was his trunk gun. It looked like it too.. Ruger's bluing does not like humid weather and automobile storage.
I had to have it refinished.
I would just keep the MP5 slung at my chest.....
sidroski said:
Have a friend (ex-brother in law) who's father was retired JPD and deputy and served about 40-50 years so he knows about every LEO between 70 and 90 and said back in the day, the MSHP had some thompsons.
They happen to own the bluest finish thompson on the face of the planet. It is almsot pearl looking.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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