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my friend Brad (muddawg95YJ) did the coating for me... i had a couple "project guns" i was working on... one was my Dan Wesson 44 mag with horrible bluing. the other was a 336 in 35 rem stray that followed me home from the pawn shop.

i took the DW to him complete and he did the whole thing.
from this (yucky)

to this (better)

to this (Ahhhh!!)

cant wait to get her to the range!! :thumbup:

For the marlin i stripped, sanded, buffed, and took the pieces to him to coat. i got it mostly reassembled last night. it is at surplus city now having the stock fitted.

from this (pictures dont do it justice!) :NO:

to this (getting there)

to this (Ahhh!!)

what yall think? rifle will be for sale soon...

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That lever gun is very appealing ... like 'neck said - the revolver would take some getting use to for me.
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