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Craftsman 32cc 2-cycle weedeater

Discussion in 'Sold' started by TheBouncer1111, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. TheBouncer1111

    TheBouncer1111 Distinguished Poster


    Works good, I'm sure the carb could use a cleaning out with ethanol in gas now a days. Always burned premium grade gas. Just getting where I can't pull the cord sharp enough to fire it off due to rotator cuff problem. It's about 2-3 yrs old.
    I changed the head out to a tap n go.
    100_2031.JPG 100_2032.JPG 100_2030.JPG
  2. SLBcmtr

    SLBcmtr Got to get to the cabin

    I'll take the record player, the surround sound system and the weedeater.