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Cricket 22 vs Savage Rascal

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Looking to get my son into shooting. Is one better than the other?
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I have a Crickett, but have observed lots of our 4H shooters with both the Rascal and the Henry. All are similar but the Savage would be preferable to the Crickett because of the Savage Accutrigger. It is easily adjustable for whatever your purposes. Not that the Crickett was bad, the trigger actually weighed at 2 lb 6oz and I had to add an additional trigger spring (a cut off ballpoint pen spring) inside the original trigger spring to bring it up to the 3 pound minimum required for CMP Sporter Rifle competition. As others have mentioned, the Rascal's bolt doesn't have to be independently cocked like the Cricket. Between the two If I were buying another, I'd buy a Henry, just for the bolt handle. Check it out.

Mini Bolt Youth | Henry Repeating Arms

Gotta have pictures, so:

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Having answered your question about the Crickett and the Rascal, I'll go one further and suggest that a MUCH nicer rifle both for you and your child would be a CZ 457 Scout which comes standard with a threaded barrel. It is also pillar bedded, comes with a single-load magazine and accepts multi-load magazines. Super accurate out of the box, you could always easily upgrade the stock to an adult stock when your child is older, and also upgrade the barrel easily if needed. This is one you'd be proud to pass on to your grandchildren.

Mine is set up for NRA 3-Position competitions for my 11 year old granddaughter. Shoots one-hole groups at 50 yards when using a scope. Accurate with irons to stay competitive with other 3-P rifles.
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