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cross dominate eye tip

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I am cross eye dominate. IF you are in the same boat, heres a tip. If you close your left eye...then youll be right eye dominate. if you close your right eye, youll be left eye dominate :lol:
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When I run an USPSA course or something similar I shoot w/ both eyes open , but when sighting in on a small or far away target I close my left eye . I have always shot w/ my right eye but I think I am left eye dominant . How do you test for this ? I was told to hold out your thumb and put it in front of something , then close one eye and see w/eye still has the thumb on target . For me it's my left but I shoot w/ my right .
How big of deal do ya'll think it is that i'm left eye dominant and shoot w/ my right ? Btw I shoot competively .
I am goin to try the tape on my glasses at the steel shoot sunday . Ill let ya'll know how it works for me .
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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