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cross dominate eye tip

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I am cross eye dominate. IF you are in the same boat, heres a tip. If you close your left eye...then youll be right eye dominate. if you close your right eye, youll be left eye dominate :lol:
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Yeah, the two easiest tests I know of are the one you mentioned - i.e. thumb or finger pointing at something across the room with arm extended, close one eye and see if it is still lined up with the "target", with the non-dominant eye it should move while with the dominant it should not. The other test is to overlap both hands with arms extended, thumb over thumb, to form a small triangle. Put something across the room, like a light switch or door knob in the middle of this triangle and slowly start bringing your hands back toward your eyes, never losing sight of the object in the triangle. The hands/triangle will come back to the dominant eye.

I'm with Mr. Bowser on this one. Try a very small piece of Scotch Tape over the eye that you do not want to use. It really only needs to cover the sights when holding the gun in a firing position and can actually be quite small, assuming you are consistent with your head position when firing. I shoot both eyes open for most things without the tape, but if I am shooting groups or just slow firing, I will sometimes use the tape so I can just relax and shoot. He is exactly right about the down sides of squinting or closing one eye.

I also wouldn't recommend trying to swap shooting hands, as this is much harder to do and generally counterproductive. However, if the dominant eye is stronger, has better vision, or you just want to use it, with a handgun at least and most stances, you can just move the gun over and shoot right handed/left eyed (or vice versa). I know a few shooters that do this and do well. Some use the tape/occluder on the non-dominant eye and some do not.
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For handguns, I don't think it is a big deal at all. Several top shooters are cross-dominant. Some just shoot with the dominant eye and some use the tape. Brian Enos, although he no longer competes, is cross-dominant, as is David Sevigny, Glock's top shooter. I have heard that David Koenig is, but I don't know that for sure.

I think the only time you might have a problem would be with a shotgun and targets coming from the left side. The left eye may pick it up first and not want to "release". With everything else, it is just something to work on and pay attention to. Besides, you are already doing pretty well so far.
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