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Crossbreed ST...

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Got my crossbreed supertuck today....very nice and I think it's going to fit the bill just fine.....I went with the horsehide cause as we all know it's hot as hell in MS and I sweat alot......Here are a few shots of it w/o belt just checking it out..

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Sorry ya had to see my hanes......lol
Ha Ha!!! It took 12 days from date of order to my door....It feels really good even laying around on the couch without belt so I can only imagine how nice it'll be when she's good and broken in!! And the bonus being that the Ole XD45Tac fits nicely in there also.....Thinking about one for the Ruger SP101 and or the SA Loaded.....What holsters ya'll using for full size 11's
shoeshooter I'm digging that velcro setup.....Is it the first or have you been using this style rig.......
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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