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Crossed over to the dark side

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I managed to become a glock owner today, guy at the gunshow wanted my mossberg 835 and we worked out a deal i couldnt refuse.Its a newer model glock 27, looks to be shot very little. The finish on it is mint, with not a single defect. A glock armourer at the show looked at it and said it hasnt been shot 20 times. Funny thing is i wouldnt have even stopped at the guys table if it hadnt been for shoeshooter showing me a smith the guy had(he did buy the smith). I ended up getting a smoking deal on the gun, so i couldnt pass it up. I even tricked hammer into holding it... he hates glocks. To see the look on his face when he realized i handed him a glock was almost worth the price i paid for it.

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Welcome to the dark side. After you shoot it some you"ll never go back. You better start saving your money because you won't be able to stop at one.
Looks like it's open season on the Titan. I'm just happen to be headed to Yazoo City right now and I've got a few Glock stickers. :thinking: Poor Rw, he's gonna get blamed for anything that happens!! :lol:
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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