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Crossed over to the dark side

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I managed to become a glock owner today, guy at the gunshow wanted my mossberg 835 and we worked out a deal i couldnt refuse.Its a newer model glock 27, looks to be shot very little. The finish on it is mint, with not a single defect. A glock armourer at the show looked at it and said it hasnt been shot 20 times. Funny thing is i wouldnt have even stopped at the guys table if it hadnt been for shoeshooter showing me a smith the guy had(he did buy the smith). I ended up getting a smoking deal on the gun, so i couldnt pass it up. I even tricked hammer into holding it... he hates glocks. To see the look on his face when he realized i handed him a glock was almost worth the price i paid for it.

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captain-03 said:
Boy - I would have loved to see a picture of Hammer looking that Glock over!!
I knew i forgot something.. that would have made a good avatar picture i think. Once he realized what it was he grunted and wiped his hands off on his pants.
Ive been threatening to put a glock sticker on his titan for a while now... :rotflmao:
He might ban me for it though.
Honestly, i liked the m&p compact 40 i had more. But this one was a deal so i jumped on it.
Ive owned several plastic guns, main reason ive never had a glock before is because they are usually overpriced for what they are imho. Once i take it to the range, if i dont like how it shoots i will sell it and get another m&p.
GunOneDown said:
RW, do it and let's see what happens. It might be fun. He might sic the big dude on u and that wouldn't be pretty. He got skills. Lol
Actually big D. found it funny too, i saw him first at the gunshow. He really laughed when i told him i was going to just hand it to Hammer and see how long it took him to notice it was a glock. As for the sticker...well that will be a suprise. One day there may or may not be several glock stickers on hammers truck.
Nah... ill take pictures of me next to hammers truck if i do it.
chburnham said:
If you deciede to get rid of it let me know...
There's 4 ahead of you actually...2 offered to buy it before I left the gunshow with it.
Yeah, Joe is one to talk on gun sales... I dont think he actually keeps anything over about 6 weeks.
chburnham said:
he's doing good to keep over 6 days
I don't think he even kept that 10/22 charger he bought from me 24hrs.
I ended up selling it today, I could take it or leave it honestly... dont really understand all the fuss and hype over glocks. The m&p compact 40 was more appealing to me. I will try an xd though soon.
Joe S. said:
And I kept that charger about 3 days thank you! :p
Thats some kind of record for you isnt it? :smile:
I sold it a while back, wasnt all that impressed. I liked the m&p 40 better
1 - 13 of 42 Posts
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