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jakeg823 said:
JMS39339 said:
I love the green ones! Wouldn't mind having a set of those, myself.
That's what I was thinking but both of my 1911s are set at the moment
Mmmmm.... I hate to admit this but I could almost be like a woman in this regard. I'd have different grips for different seasons, occasions, moods, etc. Wake up in the morning and decide what the 1911 was going to "wear for the day." :lol:

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thanks guys the colors are actually yellow and black, and black and coyote tan.

I think these prices are pretty reasonable from what I've seen factory made aftermarket grips are about in line with these and these are handmade
price is gonna be
one color-35
one color-40
blasted to any add 5

any wood or exotic materials by request due to cost of material
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