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CUSTOM 340WBY - 1st Range Report

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Here is where I am at the moment.

Much more has been done outside of what I am going to post today. My focus at the moment is on the 250gr bullets. I have tested 200gr SST and they average 3204fps and are 9/8" -1 1/2" in group size. I have tried 210gr Partitons and 215gr SBT but accuracy is not what I want but velocities were there.

Now, my rifle is a fast rifle, when compared to Weatherby factory balllistics shooting Weatherby ammo which list the 250gr Partition moving 2941fps and my rifle with this ammo recorded and average of 2990fps.

It is shooting Accubonds and Partitions very well but not settled on a load yet, lots of work to still do. Will also be testing the 250gr SBT.

Here are the results of the two best Accubond loads form my work so far.

Group size is .657" moving at 2913fps

Group size is .910" moving at 2917fps

Here is the result of the Weatherby Factory ammo 250gr Partition

Three shot Group size is .437" moving at 2990fps

Five shot Group size is .727" moving at 2990fps

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