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CusTOM 340WBY - 2nd Range Report

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I have finalized my two hunting rounds for big game with my 340Wby. I will use the Weahterby Factory Ammo 250gr Partition for dangerous game and my hand load using the Sierra 250gr SBT for all other big game.

The Factory ammo I have already posted the accuracy and the results on my first range report with a five shot group 7/10" and moving at 2990.

The next load is the 250gr Sierra SBT moving at 3020fps and group size is .558", using Weatherby brass, Rem 9 1/2M primers, with IMR7828

First here is pictures of the brass

Group size was .558"

Velocity average was 3020fps
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I now have three different rounds that are accurate and can be used for specific applications on big game.

1. Accubond 250gr moving at 2913fps

2. Weatherby Factory 250gr Partition moving at 2990fps

3. Sierra SBT 250gr moving at 3020fps

Max Point blank range is 340 yds when zeroed at 270 yds.

To put things in perspective - below is the ballistics for the SBT

Yards Vel. Energy
Muzzle - 3020 - 5063
100 - 2852 - 4515
200 - 2690 - 4017
300 - 2534 - 3565
400 - 2384 - 3155
500 - 2240 - 2785
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