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Czech CZ27 or Pistole 27 (t)

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Could have a look at this gun in very good condition, a Pistole 27 (t) build for the former German Wehrmacht. Looks like new. The only thing my friend didn`t allowed where some rounds at the range. During wartime the Wehrmacht had a current need for handguns so they use all calibre, from .25 up to .45 (most of them former norway "Kongsberg" handguns). It seems this one was maufactured during the war, fnh is the stamp for the factory, with brown "Bakelit"-grips (sorry, found no translation for this).


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Hallo Uwe!
I've got 3 right now, Bakelit is "bakelite", early plastic. The fnh was introduced when they stopped using the "BÖHMISCHE WAFFENFABRIK IN PRAG A.G." on the top of the slide, most likely by the end of 1941 or early 1942. You can tell by the number of digits in the serial number the approximate year of manufacture. The one in the photo has a stamped side cover (left side) without a retaining screw, and I see the magazine release is also stamped. Later models had all stamped parts; if you have one with a stamped (not machined) firing pin retainer, do not fire it! These break and the firing pin can come straight back into your eye!
I have compiled a good deal of information on these pistols, if anyone would like to find out more about one which they own please send me a PM. I can also send you photocopies of reference materials.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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