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A long time fan of Dan Wesson Revolvers is NOW offering third party barrels and shrouds of his own making. The first out the door Shroud Barrel combo ( called a Barrel Assembly in DW speak or BA) consists of the following:
6" "slab side" EXTRA heavy shroud
6" 1:12 twist barrel (note all stock DW are 1:16)
Cross slotted barrel nut
Red fiber optic sight ( $20 value) this is a steel custom sight

This designed for the Dan Wesson Small frame 15-2 .357 revolver. The cost is $165 plus shipping.

What this means is that you can by any basic DW 15-2 (often very cheap on GB) and by adding this BA, which YOU can put in place yourself, you have nearly an "Action Cup" type gun ( less the scope of course). A NIB DW Action Cup gun just sold on GB for over $1700 ( ~1769 as I recall).

Eric or EWK is setting to fully support these fine guns. You can find him here:


Lastly, also of a good note CZ-USA who bought out DW, has decided to once again offer the the small frame .357. The guns will be offered only as a "gun only" no "pistol packs", and will only be offered in stainless finish. However, CZ-DW WILL sell BA's factory direct. Currently the retail price is estimated to be $1200. (thus building a "pistol pack" should cost about $2100 to $2500.



If you have any questions about these guns or are thinking about buying one ... please ask me about it.. I love to talk about them.

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Believe me -- Pinetor is a Dan Wesson EXPERT!! ... and he does love talking them .... If you are into Dan Wessons -or- if you are interested in one, send him a PM!! He will be more than happy to help ya!! GOOD FELLOW!
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