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@A B You read the chart correctly, but that's for a Model 10, a K frame. Your 36 is a J frame. The dash numbers don't correspond between different models. A model 10-1 isn't necessarily from the same time as a 36-1 or a 19-1.

The Model 36-7 appears to have been made from 1990 to 1999, if I'm reading my copy of the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson correctly. I might be able to find the actual year using the serial number, but no guarantee. S&W did some interesting things with the serial numbers. The three letter serial numbers (which yours should be) are kinda hard to figure out. They know, but it would take getting a factory later from the Smith & Wesson Historical Foundation (Home) and that is kinda expensive ($100) for a gun that new. All it's going to tell you is the date it shipped and the name of whatever distributor it went to.
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