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Decent 2nd safe for around 4-500

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Would like to get something to put my less expensive guns in. 25-30 cubic ft. with S&G locks.
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I got the larger one from Lowes last year and it was on sale so about $575 delivered-otherwise it was MSRP of $799. Decent enough for my working guns with a good lock but it's assembled in China which was the surprise that Liberty was embarassed to share. It had an American S & G lock and was 25-30 cubic feet. The Cannon sounds like a good buy if you can find it in stock- I couldn't and it would have been a special order for full price. I should mention that a few safe manufacturers are outsourcing the lower grades of safes to China to maximize profit so look before you buy to get American.
sidroski said:
My Liberty is 20 y.o., wonder if it was assembled in China? Haven't seen anything other than Utah I think. The Tractor Supply in Hazlehurst had several Cannons a week ago.
Liberty Safes admitted that this is a recent practice. I would have chosen the Cannon had they been in stock. The Liberty is a good facsimile of a US made one albeit for a very reasonable price.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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