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Deer Down Phone call this am

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well about 7:45 I get a phone call from a buddy at deer camp...He only shoots good bucks so I knew I might be in for a little work.

I knew pretty much where He was hunting and knew He'd have trouble getting him out.

Took 3 men,almost 2 hrs, 2 ATV's and 200 feet of rope to get this mutha out.

190 lbs
The Main beams were 20.5 inches each

A Father/Son combo kill in my camp. They were just sitting on the ground...

Think we might need to put a stand up there now?

Scored about 130...pretty impressive for our area. Father refused to shoot it...according to what I'm told..

A great way to start the new year!....

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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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