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Dick's Sporting Goods ammo selection?

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I'm planning on braving the masses in the morning; noticed Dick's has a coupon for buy one-get one 1/2 price for ammo with a limit of 6 boxes. When I was in Dick's last, I didn't notice a gun counter. Did i overlook this, or are they like Walmart with their firearms stuff?
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I think this appropriate to this thread.

Letter I wrote to Dick’s Tupelo Store March 27, 2010.

This past week you ran an ad that included some ammunition: “Ultramax Bulk Pack – 9mm 250rd - $49.98”. Nowhere in the ad was there mention of limited supplies.

Today, I drove up to your store, a 35 mile drive, to purchase the advertised 9mm. I arrived about 1PM this afternoon. I went directly to the appropriate counter and waited, and waited. Finally I went back to the greeter at the door and asked if anyone was working that counter. She said she’s get someone.

And I waited and waited some more.

By the time a salesperson arrived customers were lined up all along the counter.

I showed the salesperson your ad and he glanced over the counter to the shelf in back and said, “We’re all sold out”. And that was that. Nada. No more.

I think that’s pretty sad that you do not sufficiently stock what you advertise. I think it sad that no effort was made to try to get the product for me.

I guess that sort of gives a hint(?) of my opinion of Dick’s.
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Well, might as well beat Dick’s to death.

You’ve seen my letter to Dick’s from this past March posted above.

Here’s the rest of the story.

I never had a reply from the Dick’s in Tupelo.

So I emailed Dick’s Corporate, sending them a copy of my letter to the Dick’s in Tupelo with the message, “See the copy of a letter dated 3/27/10 to Dick’s in Tupelo that I have pasted below. I have never had the first reply/acknowledgement. I guess that tends to underline the value Dick’s in Tupelo places on its customer base.”

As I recall I got a standard reply from Dick’s Corporate and a worthless (at least to me) coupon.

Things haven’t changed at the Tupelo store. Service continues to be poor.

Was up there in the past 4 weeks to buy another gun safe for expansion (only ‘cause they had the best buy on what I wanted at that time) and service was close to non-existent.
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