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Dick's Sporting Goods ammo selection?

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I'm planning on braving the masses in the morning; noticed Dick's has a coupon for buy one-get one 1/2 price for ammo with a limit of 6 boxes. When I was in Dick's last, I didn't notice a gun counter. Did i overlook this, or are they like Walmart with their firearms stuff?
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actually, the madison store was the one i was wondering about most; it's open, but when i went, I was just running in and out to buy a jacket. I didn't get a chance to look around.

well, i've got my coupon ready and alarm clock set, wish me luck.
The savings weren't spectacular. They have a box of Rem UMC 9mm on sale for 11.99, or you could buy a box at 14.99 and get the second at 7.49. I picked up 6 boxes at a cost of 22 cents a round, so, really not much of a deal going on there.

However, traffic was really light before 0600, and except for the big box stores, crowds weren't bad at all.
oh, this was the lakeland store; I didn't want to risk going to the Madison one and wasting my time if they didn't have ammo. The pistol ammo is all locked up behind the gun counter out of sight.
Tuco, I had the same problem. I was about the 8th customer in the store, and the second at the gun counter. The 9mm was still marked at 11.99 (normally 14.99). The associate at the gun counter said i would get 11.99, and then half off of that for the 2nd box. The manager said that he couldn't give me that discount, and I politely told him to get his ducks in a row. Still got a decent price though, and i had fun shooting it.
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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