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Dick's Sporting Goods ammo selection?

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I'm planning on braving the masses in the morning; noticed Dick's has a coupon for buy one-get one 1/2 price for ammo with a limit of 6 boxes. When I was in Dick's last, I didn't notice a gun counter. Did i overlook this, or are they like Walmart with their firearms stuff?
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SJ said:
Big waste of time for me. I am very disappointed in Dicks.
Yeah I went to the one in diberville and asked about a few rifles and the kid behind the counter "mabye 18" didnt even know the diffrence between a rimfire and centerfire. I just left.
C'mon guys dicks ain't that bad. It's the only place I go to buy over priced metric ear plugs.
service is almost nonexistent at the one in flowood its so bad my wife refuses to go there
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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