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did a little horse trading...

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got rid of my taurus snubby and my p22 in favor of these two... they are both great shooters.

top is a dan wesson 44 mag. can anyone tell me anything about it? it has "dan wesson 44 mag ctg" on the barrel. id like to get a good holster and maybe some grips for it, but i cant find a model number or anything, unless thats what the "44 mag ctg" is. it will be a hunting handgun. it shoots great! gonna refinish it as well somehow...

bottom is a S&W model 915 in 9mm. ive never been a huge fan of the 9mm round, but this is one sweet shooting pistol!

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That looks like a pretty good trade, Joe. I have a S&W 9mm similar to the one you have an it's an excellent shooter as well. The Dan Wesson guns are interesting. That swappable barrel thing is kind of neat. Your model number will be 44. I think I'm correct in that the model number of the large frame Dan Wesson guns were the same as their respective caliber and then they would add a "7" to the beginning if it was stainless. It's a shame the company doesn't still focus on revolvers but I guess that wasn't in CZ's best interest. It should be a good shooter. :thumbup:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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