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did a little horse trading...

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got rid of my taurus snubby and my p22 in favor of these two... they are both great shooters.

top is a dan wesson 44 mag. can anyone tell me anything about it? it has "dan wesson 44 mag ctg" on the barrel. id like to get a good holster and maybe some grips for it, but i cant find a model number or anything, unless thats what the "44 mag ctg" is. it will be a hunting handgun. it shoots great! gonna refinish it as well somehow...

bottom is a S&W model 915 in 9mm. ive never been a huge fan of the 9mm round, but this is one sweet shooting pistol!

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The Dan Wesson is a good score for sure! Did you get any other barrels with it? I remember when the 915's came out good little budget priced 9mm. I think you came out good in that trade.
Joe S. said:
All I got was the gun and a holster it don't fit in properly.

I've got a bid in on an 8" barrel on gunbroker now. Maybe I'll win it. :D

Also got a wrench coming from a friend.
Good Deal! Like someone said keep an eye on the barrel nut, and enjoy the heck out of shooting it.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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