Did one of y'all buy this $8,000 M1 Carbine???

Discussion in 'Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder' started by TwangBanger, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. TwangBanger

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  2. Southern Reloading

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    Dang Twang I was trying to keep it quiet!! The CMP range in Talladega actually had one. Looked just like that one except it was cleaned. No grease. Tag on it was 1595 I think. Was vey tempted!
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  3. Just wow. That's all that I can say!
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  4. phillipd

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    Definitely wasn't me
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  5. patchz

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    The M2 I had in the early seventies had a paratrooper stock like that and looked better. I shoulda kept that one.
  6. HotRod61

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    I was at my limit at the 8000.00 mark. Couldn’t afford any more. :bs:
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  7. Cliff731

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    Thank you, TwangBanger... I appreciate that!!! :)

    (and I didn't buy that overpriced M1 Carbine either!!!... Just saying... ;))
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  8. usmc-nav

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    Geez man........ my wife reads this forum. I told her it was a banking error that we were short this month.