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Dies scratching the **** out of brass!

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My RCBS 357 resizing die is scratching my brass. I have resized 200 357 NICKLE cases with the die, and that's when the problem started. The inside of the die looks smooth as silk, but evidently it ain't! How can I polish the scratches out? I thought about using 0000 steel wool wrapped around something in my drill to try to polish it out. Or just buy carbide sizing dies and start over. Any advice appreciated.
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die lapping 101... Find ridgid object slightly smaller than opening in die. Dowel rods work nice. Get 1000-2000grit wet sandpaper. Cut a two inch wide strip the length of the paper. Tape one end to the rod and and wrap the rest around the rod. Soak in water for a few min. More than likely it will no longer fit inside the die. Remove a half turn of sand paper at a time untill a good fit is found. Attach high speed drill to the other end of the rod. Run it in and out a few times wash it out then look for any burs as they should be very shinny. Repeat untill slick. Remember to always keep die and paper wet
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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