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Love me some Barq's. I get downright aggrieved when I go to a restaurant in south MS that doesn't offer Barq's.
I always heard that Barq's was invented on the gulf coast, Biloxi maybe, no
reason for restaurants in their area to not carry Barq's.;)
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LOVE me some salmon, a family member gave me a
pound of smoked salmon from Alaskan waters and it
only lasted two days!!!!!!!!!:lol4:
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Darn that looks good, gives me ideas about dinner tomorrow night; all I need now is some ground
chuck, already have the cheese and chips and sour cream,
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Randy, just what is your PRECISE street address?:lol6:
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Here you go 45!! 13829 John Clark Rd Gulfport Ms 39503!!
Randy, that was me being extremely facetious, I really
just meant that I'd be right over for dinner if I lived on
the coast, or "God's Country" as my old friend Vick would
phrase it, DARN those crab cakes make my mouth water.:lol4:
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Chicken breast, cubed potatoes, onions, and vinagrette dressing.

Bottom photo is after I covered it with shredded cheese and crumbled bacon.
Dang that has me salivating, nothing in that casserole
that I don't like bordering on love.:lol6:
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Tamales are always GOOD
Since the old Jack's Tamales was on North West street
in Jackson and my dad used to take us in there(oh wow
the aromas in that place would make anyone hungry)
I've never found a single tamale I didn't LOVE!!
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Allergic deathly so to lamb and mutton but as I recall
from the past when I had an anaphylactic reaction once
I don't care for it, beef does the job quite nicely in even
faux Shepherd's pie when I can find it, never had a recipe.
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Rig, are both of those steaks and both potatoes for
just one person? If so someone is indeed HUNGRY!!:lol5:
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Dang those beignets look GOOD!!! Brings back
memories of going to the Café du Monde with
my dad and a great uncle when we had gone to
New Orleans to watch the horse racing at the old
Fairgrounds Race Track and they would take me
to the French Quarter for Beignets and Café au Lait
or milk for me until I was in high school as my
reward for behaving myself at the track.
I hope your granddaughter's surgery went well,
where IS Dot's Diner by the way, I don't ever
recall ever having been there and I've been nearly
everywhere in NO over the years.
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Those tamales wrapped in real corn shucks are the
way I remember having had them since I was a kid.
The oldest and best smelling ones when I was little
came from the old Jack's Tamales on North West
street in Jackson; my dad used to head there most
weekends for a boatload wrapped in old newspapers
to bring home most Friday nights. Dang those
were good, not so much but still good when the
place relocated to Silas Brown across the street
from the original Dennery's at the foot of South
Jefferson street by the old narrow as heck Pearl
river 2 lane bridge that predated even the some
what newer US80 4 lane bridge and way before
the I20 route.
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Aside from the old Jack's Tamales in its original
location on North West Street in Jackson that I've
bored you with earlier, as a kid my grandparents
and parents vividly remembered a Mexican man
who ran a pushcart on the sidewalk on the west
side of the New Capitol across from where the
Woolfolk State Office Building was later built.
They were highly complimentary of the tamales
but did note that there was a somewhat suspicious
presence of stray dogs in the area as long as his
cart was there.:lol4:
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Spinach Quiche and a beer
Darn Frodo, you just managed to make something look delicious that I am
deathly allergic to, spinach, well done!!!:lol4:
well I fried stuff tonight
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Mmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm I can almost taste
that catfish and hushpuppies and fries, my stomach is
seriously grumbling and I already HAD dinner tonight.:lol5:
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Dang, Twang, that spread looks GREAT!!! Well done.
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