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Well, it happened! Nothing special at all, just borrowed a BCA from one of my other 556 rifles, a leftover 10” handguard and flat top krylon camo upper receiver stolen from a 6.5 Grendel.
Picked up a couple boxes of AE 150gr from Petal Outdoors, loaded 20 in a mag and let’r rip.
Have to say I like it! Hardly any recoil, a lot smoother than a 762x39 10” or even a 556 10”. I was surprised at how much more pleasant to shoot than 762x39. and quieter too (though it’s still LOUD!).
If only ammo wasnt stupid expensive! Still have to figure out what optic, and it’s got to be stripped down and cerakoted- but I do like the caliber in this platform.
Always said it was dumb to have a 300 blk if you already had a 762x39, in the same platform. I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong. Crow don’t taste too bad after all.
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