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Does anyone know the recommended torque setting for the V-block

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Screws and the main one that secures the action to the stock for a Ruger 10-22?

Thanks in advance folks!! :thanks:
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I been down this road when i built mine. The factory takedown screw is set at around 20"lbs (inch pounds, not foot pounds). It is recommend that when you build it to tighten the take down screw to 15-25"lbs. Start at 15 then shoot and observe and tighten till your grouping tightens up mine seemed to like 22"lbs. Now for the v-block they recomend tightening them to 20-25"lbs also. Remember you are screwing a fine threaded steel screw into aluminum so dont overtighten. Hope this helps
i think the factory block is of some sort of low cost steel that is not very stong. You can try tactical soluctions v-block that is what i put on mine. check out my thread about my custom 10/22 i just upated it with a complete list of my parts.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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