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Done a trigger job, polish job, and chamfered my stock 22 today and WOW

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Well i have done a little filing of the 10/22 sear's before and have lightened my triggers, but decided i would go a little farther on this build just to see how nice i could get it before I bought a timney drop in. Well after all my work lets just say i am Not buying a drop in trigger after today, I am only buying a tuffer buffer and a power custom red trigger.

I cleaned up the sear today and took some metal off of it. polished it, the hammer and the disconnector. I mean i polished the fire out of them. I also chamfered the bolt.

All i can say is WOOOOW. I had no idea how much the polishing helped. It feels as if its lighter than my 22-250 with a 3 lbs trigger. I dont have a gauge so i really won't know until i get one. This is the best feeling trigger i have ever felt on a 22 and didnt cost me a dime, I will be taking the slop out of the sear and disconnector sometimes this afternoon. The bolt actually is a little easier to pull back now as well and it is stated this chamfering will help with the ejection of sub sonic ammo.

Also i got all of this info from rimfirecentral on the forums in the tips and tricks section. Just thought i would post up my success story lol.

Thanks for all the help guys
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Congratulations, go slow, double check and have fun. You will enjoy shooting it even better now that you did the work.
When I am trying to find which ammo my gun likes best, I will get a box of several different brands. I like CCI CBs. The CB LONG is 710 fps. The Aguila 60 gr. SSS is rated at 950 fps. I have been wanting to try it. I think that I have a box in my shop but have not tried it yet. I had pretty good results with the CB shorts. They were super quite in my old Remington with a 24 inch barrel and I killed several squirrels with them. I knew a guy that always squirrel hunted with the CB LOADS.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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