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dont forget 10/29/10 friday night plate match!! @ gun ho in the pass

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The weekly plate match at gun friday night! AND ventilation is being installed TODAY!!!! should be allot less smoke. They blower is up and the HVAC guys should be running exhaust this afternoon.

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yeah it sure is... 5 8 inches plates from 30 as fast as you can knock them down
2 racks 5 plates head to head right now we are just running to get get times down for class placement but you can draw or shoot from low ready.

Every one will shoot about 6 rounds this week depending on time and u could shoot as many as 3 times per round its best 2/3 so if u win they win u shoot a 3rd all uspsa rules apply.
Oh match fee right now is 5 bucks no payouts yet untill we have established avg times. If you are not shooting under 4 seconds consistent I recommend shooting from the ready. We have some serious plate guys that's run them from the draw in under 3. If you draw u may get stuck in b class and pulling c or d times
there Ltdan... you wont be competing against guys running 2.76 seconds once the times are all avg. and set
SGF get there by 6:30 I will be there around 5:00.

Here is a pic of the set up

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Yeah SGF sorry I missed you man I had left about 20 min before you got there... I sent you a pm.
Don't do it dry to much may raise a blister.... Use sone lube :sheepaid:
glad you had fun SGF!!! great to meet you and thanks for everyone who come out!!! This is an every friday night thing hope to see many more faces in the weeks to come.

the pics are great that one is going up on the fridge.... really have to get back on my diet lol!!!
1 - 10 of 38 Posts
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