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dont forget 10/29/10 friday night plate match!! @ gun ho in the pass

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The weekly plate match at gun friday night! AND ventilation is being installed TODAY!!!! should be allot less smoke. They blower is up and the HVAC guys should be running exhaust this afternoon.

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The ventilation will make a world of a difference. Should be a good time. I wont be there tho.
I'll be there next week and I'll be bringing a buddy I work with.
There should be a production class haha. That way theres a chance for us "common folk" without $3k rigs to compete against each other. :0023:
We show up at 6:30 and start shooting around 7pm. Last week with 18 or so people we got out of there around 10pm.
I'll be there next week for sure.
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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