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dont forget 10/29/10 friday night plate match!! @ gun ho in the pass

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The weekly plate match at gun friday night! AND ventilation is being installed TODAY!!!! should be allot less smoke. They blower is up and the HVAC guys should be running exhaust this afternoon.

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Thanks guys. Sorry for all my REPEATED posts about when does the match start. My POS old laptop computer was not letting me see my posts/edits....... :( Things seem to be doing better now...

Went and shot at Gun-Ho tonight. Very nice indoor range. Junior said Mat left not long before I arrived.

My next post will be some pictures I took at Gun-Ho..... (if things work).

Yeah SGF sorry I missed you man I had left about 20 min before you got there... I sent you a pm.
Pictures of the Gun-Ho Indoor Range...

The sign out front

The main area (where all the business is done....)

The way to the shooting area

The lounge area

My gear on the bench

My XD-40 and target at 10yds. MAN, I was shooting POORLY..... :( Hopefully things will improve tomorrow night..................

View of plates from firing point (10yds)

The impact area is shredded tires. And the bits & pieces stay in the "pile" very well. Only a few pieces come back out on the floor.

By "hook or crook" I will be at the plate match Friday night. I should be able to arrive by 6:30. Looking forward to meeting you guys.

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Still not seeing my post................... :(

Hope you guys can see it................

Well I definitly won't be there tonight, I have to take my youngest to a dance then pick him up.

I am going to be there next Friday though, hope to meet more of ya'll there, then.
I'll be trying to make it as well unless something more important comes up (it'd hafta be really important).
See y'all there.
Well dang, pd8 I wanted to see the new skills in action. Lol.

I've been doing a lot of dry firing lately.
Don't do it dry to much may raise a blister.... Use sone lube :sheepaid:
Well I'll be there for sure.

You can't miss me. I'll be the one in the 4Runner shirt.
I shot the plate match tonight. I did well and had fun! I can't wait till next week

I shot tonight & had a great time. Met some fellow MSGO forum members.

Working on uploading some pics...

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MAN.... I had a great time shooting the plate match tonight. THANKS guys.

Nice to meet mdp75 and 1985 4runner, and to see Gunny again.

A few pictures from tonight...................

mdp75 winning this run....

1985 4runner and Gunny waiting their turn

This is kind of a cool picture. Look closely at the gun. The slow shutter speed also caught the gun in recoil.

Thanks again guys for a wonderful time at the Gun-Ho Plate Match.


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glad you had fun SGF!!! great to meet you and thanks for everyone who come out!!! This is an every friday night thing hope to see many more faces in the weeks to come.

the pics are great that one is going up on the fridge.... really have to get back on my diet lol!!!
I will definitely be back again in two weeks. Have to work next Friday holding down a recliner at the firehouse.

THANKS to everybody!
I wish I could have been there, but at least my son had fun.

I hear you Mat, lol.

How many people made it last night?

I've been spreading the word through the deptartment. So between the other two guys and me everyone should now by now.
I'll be there next week for sure.
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