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Don't forget REVOLVERS

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Allow me to tell a short story. When I was probably 10 or 12 years old my Dad started letting me shoot a handgun. It was his Revelation '76' in .22lr. I had tons of fun shooting that gun during my teenage years. He even had a western style belt for it. I went through thousand of rounds for about 8 or 10 years there. Then I bought my first very own handgun. It was the new Colt 1991-A1. I fell in love with than gun, and semiautos in general. I was shooting several of my friends autos also. In the last 15 years I've bought and sold and bought and kept several more autos, most in 45 acp and 22lr. Well a few months ago, I was able to purchase 2 Rugers from a guy at a very good price. The price was really the main reason I bought them. They are a 6.5" single six convertible and a Blackhawk .41 rem mag in 6.5" also. Let me tell you, I have been having a blast shooting these guns! The singel six is just flat out fun to shoot. Period. The .41 is the only large caliber revolver I've ever had. I have been reloading for it with a friends help and shooting it more and more. I can shoot the gun very accurately. I will be trying to lay down some deer and hogs with it this year.

I just forgot how much fun it is to shoot a wheelgun. I find myself looking for more now. :D Ya'll don't forget the wheelies. They might inspire a new excitement in your shooting as they have mine.
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Thanks JMS...

I had one years back (20+) and regret selling it, looked for the better part of 5 years to find that one...both pair of grips came with the set from the factory.

I don't think the man shot it much at all, all blueing on gun and shrouds if perfect, and barely a scroll line on the cylinder. Other sets I found were either missing a barrel or 2, or the finish looked like hell. They're just hard to find good complete sets now I guess. :|
Brother's got a D.W., love the finish. His is nice but didn't come with all the stuff you got Silent.
Joe, I think you could probably find someone who makes those in .44 that would give you an idea what a fair price is. Heck, get ahold of D.W. and ask them what they want for one new and that'd be a good starting point for getting one. I doubt many owners would get rid of their tool unless they sold off some of their barrels
While I'm not a collector my weapons are of the newer breed, I do have my trusty lil 1993 Ruger SP101 2 1/4 snubby... Oh I do love that bad boy but cant hit the broad side of a barn after 7yds...lol I keep'er loaded up with Ranger 38+p+. Been meaning to send it to Gimini Customs for some magna-porting...Any had this done??? How much nicer is it???
I've mostly shot semi-autos, but I recently bought my dad a Ruger sp101 in .357 for christmas and I must say, that thing is stout. He keeps it loaded in his truck and has really enjoyed it.

I'm thinking of picking up a wheelgun myself.
I like the wheelguns too.

One of my favorites is an old Colt Police Positive Special that I picked up for cheap at a local pawn shop. It was a re-imported Colombian Federal Police gun. Since those "federales" must've shot it about a million times, the double action on it is slick as snot. It had those original little bitty Colt grips on it, but I changed 'em out for a set of full-size Pachmayrs. That thing is an absolute pleasure to shoot. I can sit at the plate rack at Magnolia and ding 'em all day long with it.

I've got a Ruger SP101 with the 3" barrel that is my most-of-the-time protection gun. It's a sweet shooter too. I also had a Smith 686 like Cap mentioned that was a hell of a nice revolver that got stolen. That one and a Llama 1911 are the two I've had stolen over the years. I liked the Smith so much that I'd go buy another Llama and GIVE the damned thing to them if I could just get my Smith back.

And, as Doug mentioned, with revolvers you don't have to go chasing down brass all over the place.

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Yes the S&W686 was designed to shoot magnums and keep shooting them but my 4" is very good with several .38SPC loads including some old 3-D 125gSWC I had. I could sure use my S&W617 these days.
Brutus-I had a Colt Police Positive years ago also...wish I still had her and all the .44Mags I've owned and traded/sold. I do still have my ole Rohm .22short that can hit from inside the barn...http://www.flickr.com/photos/commed-150
Docs, this is kind of weird. I have an old Rohm .22LR that I got from an uncle several years ago now. I didn't think I'd ever see another one and now yours makes the fifth one that I've come across in the last two weeks.
I've only shot this one a few times. Maybe I'll take it out to Magnolia this week with some CCI CB Short and see if it can do anything.
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