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Dragunov rifle

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Anybody own or ever shot one of these rifles?I have a buddy who want to sell his.Anybody have any opinions on this rifle,and are they legal in Ms to hunt with?

BTW I thought I made this post earlier,but not sure if it went through or was erased?
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I have shot a SVD and as Doug stated it was not very accurate in terms of what we call a Sniper rifle here in the States but it does what the Russian intended it to do fill the role as a DMR. Most the rifles being past off as SVD are really pieced together parts kits of the Romanian PSL which is nothing more than a long barreled AK chambered in 7.62x54r. The SVD uses a totally different gas system than the AK. The imported Russian built Dragunov rifle are known as Russian Tiger rifles and it will be stamped Tiger on the receiver they go for around 2500.00 a PSL sell for 600.00 or less

Top rifle is a Romanian PSL, bottom rifle is a Russian imported Dragunov Tiger.
3-4 moa is the norm. for the Romanian PSL with good ammo, the Tiger will do 1.5-2 moa with good ammo.
MER for both rifles is 1200m, with a ER of 800m
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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