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Dragunov rifle

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Anybody own or ever shot one of these rifles?I have a buddy who want to sell his.Anybody have any opinions on this rifle,and are they legal in Ms to hunt with?

BTW I thought I made this post earlier,but not sure if it went through or was erased?
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First of all its probably not a real dragunov.. dont think ive ever seen an actual dragunov in person. Every single one ive seen called a dragunov was actually a romanian psl.
Did you find out if its a psl or not? 900 is way too much for one of them, ive seen new century built ones for about 600. If your willing to spend 900 look up waffen works and the shortened psl they build,much higher build quality then century and it looks like a normal ak but with a wider mag to take the same 762x54 ammo as the psl, dragunov and the mosin nagant. It should be more accurate too, since it has a higher quality us made barrel on it. One of the waffen works guns is really high on my want list, but it will be a while before i can swing the purchase.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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