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dream gun list!!! lets see them

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here's mine "at the moment" im sure there will be more. :lol3:

Christensen arms
Carbon One Custom

308 win
Barrel Type: Carbon Bull
Barrel Length: 26-inch
Action Type: Remington SS
Trigger Type: Jewel Custom
Trigger Weight: 2-lb
Stock Type: Carbon Thumbhole
Stock Color: Tan with Black
Titanium Muzzle Brake
Teflon Coated Action

Korth combat revolver .38/.357

Henry repeating arms big boy dlx 45colt
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I'm liking the replies :2tup: :clap: keep them comming and yes classIII's apply because there are a few I'd love to add to my collection if I had the money and it were legal. I would love to own an AA12 shotgun and a glock 18 full auto. another thing I'd like to add to my list is a LeMat Confederate Percussion Revolver. I am aware pretty much none of these will ever be mine, that is why it is called a DREAM list not a future things to own list.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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