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dream gun list!!! lets see them

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here's mine "at the moment" im sure there will be more. :lol3:

Christensen arms
Carbon One Custom

308 win
Barrel Type: Carbon Bull
Barrel Length: 26-inch
Action Type: Remington SS
Trigger Type: Jewel Custom
Trigger Weight: 2-lb
Stock Type: Carbon Thumbhole
Stock Color: Tan with Black
Titanium Muzzle Brake
Teflon Coated Action

Korth combat revolver .38/.357

Henry repeating arms big boy dlx 45colt
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Gitschlag said:
If Class III counts, I want a:
FG42 paratrooper rifle
Type 100 subgun

Otherwise, I really want a G41(M). :thumbup:
Saw a G-43 at the Slidell gun show on Saturday.

Gitschlag said:
Saw a G-43 at the Slidell gun show on Saturday.

From a dealer, or? What was the asking price? I never see those around here. But they are WAY more common than the G41s (Mauser or Walther).
It was a dealer. Wasn't a familiar dealer to me and wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to be perfectly honest.

I believe the price on it was $1100, but I could be mistaken. Does that sound like the price range of G-43's?

Probably the #1 gun on my all-time want list is a Winchester 1895 in 7.62x54R (Rimmed Russian).

I like to fantasize about guns that probably fell into the "long lost" abyss, and this is the top of the list.

Do any of y'all ever wonder whatever happened to all of those weapons and gear that the US sent to Chiang kai-Shek that was almost immediately surrendered to the ChiComms as Chiang's army was falling apart? Garands, 1911's, 03A3's, M1917's, etc., etc., etc.

I wonder if there's a huge arms room somewhere in the bowels of a ChiComm installation someplace with thousands of prime examples of our mid-century arms craftsmanship or if they just melted it all down after they captured it.

I like to navel-gaze like that.

1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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