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Duracoat Winchester 120 Shotgun

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Tried out some foliage green on the Winchester 120 I got from Slabsides

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where did you get that mag extension?
Its a Choate. Midway has them along with a few other online retailers.
Thanks for the compliments!
Trojan said:
very nice job btw, I would love to do that to my old mossberg 500, would you tell us the time and cost of the duracot kit you bought???
The Duracoat was about $35 for the two colors (still have some left). I spent about 2 hours breaking down the gun and prepping the surfaces. The coating took about 15 minutes.
Used a harbor freight airbrush connected to my existing air compressor (turned down the pressure).
Sanded the wood and metal to a 400 grit finish. Some parts ended up as bare steel around the edges, but I wasn't trying to strip it all the way.
Trojan said:
what kind of luck have you had with the tube under the slide?, I assume it comes off the first time you pump the slide?
Not sure I understand the question.
Trojan said:
I was aking if you pump the shotgun, does the finish come off the magazine tube?
Ahhhh. It scuffs a bit but so far hasn't come off. I don't use this one much, but I suppose it could eventually wear off under heavy use.
rsm688 said:
wow thats a long mag tube, I would suggest getting one of the clamp on braces for it. With it being that long if you happen to drop it and it lands on the mag tube it wont end up well. Plus it would look good to have a little black up front too

The color choice looks great on it, I have an 870 in FDE that looks very similar
It's got one on it now. It came with the tube, just didn't have it on when I took the photos.
It doesn't consistently eject the shell, so I've got to go back in and figure that one out.
1 - 9 of 22 Posts
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