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I recently made reference to "earzen-splitin-loud-n-bommer slobber-knockers" on a thread on trapshooters.com in talking about shooting 300 to 400 clay targets a day with very heavy 12 ga. loads (I do not use heavy loads, for obvious reasons). A reader of trapshooters.com reminded me of the Steppenwolf album Eargesplitten Loudenboomer. After a little though I did remember that album.

While that has a similar sounding pronunciation to the term I had used, the origination of the term i used came from another source, P.O. Ackley.
I though I would share this with you here, some may have known this and forgot, some may not have know - but here is a little history of the term Eargesplitten Loudenboomer.
From the literature of Parker Ackley:
Ackley was not just a wildcatter, he was a researcher as well, often testing firearms to destruction in the search for information. He also produced a number of experimental cartridges, not intended to be practical, but rather to test the limits of firearms. One of these experimental cartridges was the .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer. This humorously named cartridge was developed by Ackley for Bob Hutton of Guns & Ammo magazine, and was intended solely to exceed 5,000 ft/s (1,500 m/s) muzzle velocity. Ackley's loads only managed 4,600 ft/s (1,400 m/s)(Mach 4.2), firing a 50-grain (3.2 g) bullet. Based on a .378 Weatherby Magnum case, the case is impractically over-capacity for the bore diameter, and so the cartridge remains a curiosity. The advent of new slower-burning smokeless powders may have changed the equation, but in a cartridge case that routinely holds over 100-grains of powder, it is hardly worth the effort.

Another humorous round, the .17 Flintstone Super Eyebunger, based on the .22-250 necked down to .17 caliber, has been used by Australian gunsmith Bill Hambly-Clark, Jr. to achieve velocities of 4,798 ft/s (1,462 m/s) out of a 52-inch (1,300 mm) barreled gun.

Just though I would share the story with you....

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Reminds me of my SOCOM 16.:D
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