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Electronic targets at Bar 3 Range

Discussion in 'F Class' started by Greg Acton, May 26, 2017.

  1. Greg Acton

    Greg Acton Distinguished Poster

    Just got an email within the last couple of days stating that the new electronic targets will arrive May 30. Will be up and running for the 1000 yard match on June 10. No more pit duty!!! Should result in a somewhat quicker match. That could be HUGE come summer. get gone before it gets too hot, and no more pit duty. The monitors and the speed of the match may even make it a little more spectator friendly. Hard to get someone to come watch, to try to get them interested, when you are either shooting, scoring, or gone to the pit. This should free up some time to be able to explain what is going on to them, and hopefully bring in more shooters.
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  2. Scharfschütze

    Scharfschütze Waffennarr

    Kongberg targets like they have at Talladega?

  3. Greg Acton

    Greg Acton Distinguished Poster

    I can't say, for sure. I have heard the name, once. Came from down under, by boat.
  4. MrFrankZ

    MrFrankZ Distinguished Poster

    I'm getting ready to build a dedicated F gun and really wish I were closer Bar 3. It looks like a top notch joint.

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  5. onlymaroonmatters

    onlymaroonmatters Eat Sleep Jeep & Guns MSGO Supporter

    I'm pretty close just wish had the money
  6. oldguns

    oldguns Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    I went to spectate some at Saturday's 600 yard f class match at Bar3, until I got cold and hungry. The electronic targets and scoring seemed pretty neat and maybe was helping the scores be better than otherwise would have in that cold and windy weather.
  7. Greg Acton

    Greg Acton Distinguished Poster

    It was cold yesterday, that's for sure. Not sure if the e-targets helped the scores. They sure didn't help my third string! lol I know they are a lot better than pulling targets in the pits when it's 95* in the summer, and the matches run faster.
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