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Glad to come across the site. It's nice to have a forum dedicated to us here in MS. I'm down here in the Free State of Jones. I've been a gun nut all my life and really have put things into high gear lately shooting more often. If anyone has a need for service of legal process, I'm full time in the business. My website is here www.keithinvestigations.com
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I shoot a lot of .22 since I do live in the county but larger caliber would be kind of annoying to my neighbors. I have two areas on my land where I had several loads of clay dumped to make berms.

I shoot at Ellisville Dirt Pit Shooting Club aka EDPSC usually take my Glock 9mm.

I have several evil black guns and am thinking about pulling the trigger on a Benelli M4. Couldn't sleep well last night thinking about it, lol.
SilentHitz said:
:welcome2: Glad you found us...enjoy a long stay. Go ahead and pull the trigger on the Benelli...ya know ya wanna lol
Trigger has been pulled. :smile: Also ordered a titanium magazine extension. Why titanium, why not lol. It's only $250..I'm certifiable when it comes to spending money on guns, lol.
Richard said:
Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you need some cans for those evil black rifles.
I have one already but it's a tad too heavy. Coastal Gun, Inc 556.
Cool, I was in New Augusta earlier today.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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