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emergency response to our matches.

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emergency response to our matches.

While we strive to be as safe as humanly possible an accident can happen. even if it is a non GSW accident. turned ankles severe cuts ect. But in the event of a GSW what measures are in place to to handle the situation. I have only attend two local matches but at neither of these matches was an EMR plan presented. Who is designated as first responders? who has a trauma kit with pressure bandages and required tools needed to provide first aid for a GSW while awaiting EMS?
If this is something that has not been discussed I think it should be. I am sure it is my back ground in nursing and working in trauma centers during my clinical rotations but it would seem to me if this has not been addressed it needs to be.
For our local clubs I would be happy to draw up a response plan for our local matches. I can assure you, as we have had to call ems several times to Port Bienville and at rattle snake hills in pville the response times have been over 30 min in just about every case.
I have several close friends with the Ms highway patrol and Hancock county SO that can be alerted and be near by during our matches in pearlington ect...

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Re: emergency response to our matches.

This would be a bare minimum kit
Practical trauma

This is more like what I have
guardian kit

also a very good pressure bandage can be made from a large maxi pad and tape in a pinch. every see the tampons in the nose trick for a blooded nose ? works like a charm
Re: emergency response to our matches.

lol Pretty much!!!! cept they dont tell you quickclot + water = BURN YOUR SKIN!!! learned that the hard way even though i was told and they didnt mention in the back seat scene in shooter either or black hawk down.

but yeah chris i will show you how to use everything in the kit its pretty straight forward. there are some some major do's and donts but outside of that its basicly cut stick hold.
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