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A while back I assembled a sweet little Encore. It was a 15” 358 Winchester barrel that had a 1.5” muzzle brake permanently attached, making it legal to shoot as a rifle. It was short and handy and stacked 200 grain slugs into the cap of a pill bottle at 100 yards all day long. It had one draw back. It was LOUD!! I dont mean loud like “ya gotta wear muffs at the range but when you shoot a deer you dont hear it” loud, I mean LOUD!! I took it hunting the season I got it and finally saw a deer with it. Shot it, and my ears rang for 2 days. That was enough of that. That short barrel and porting made it a real ear splitter.


So I was talkin to my buddy TEK about how loud it was and I think he may have thought I was exaggerating a little because he traded me out of it. Few days went by and he sent me a text and said, you wasnt exaggerating. That thing is loud. So he pulled that barrel and bought him a new barrel in 375 H&H. This time he got about as long a barrel as one can get, 26”, and without porting. He sighted it in and took it hunting once or twice maybe but he always grabs his trusty ol 30-06 so this one didn’t get used much.


Well I missed the frame and stock because it was pretty. He listed it for sale and I seized my chance and traded back into it. But I sure didn’t want to start loading for a 375, so I pulled the barrel and sold it with the brass that came with it. I turned around and ordered a 21” barrel from MGM chambered in 444 Marlin and it came in today.

Well in the back of my mind I knew I needed a scope. A couple weeks ago my friend fanifthefortyone called me up and told me he was gonna bring me some bullets for my 35 caliber rifles and asked if I needed a scope. Well I did but didn’t want to spend the money cause we had a few expenses coming up this month so I told him that and declined his offer. Well bless Pat if he didn’t bring the scope anyway. One look through it and I knew I had to have it. He sure knows how to spot a sucker. He took pity on me and told him I could pay him a few days later so I didn’t have to rush to the mini bank on my lunch break.

So anyway I got it all put together tonight. I think I’m gonna like it. Sure shouldnt be an ear splitter like that 358 was.

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