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Discussion in 'Mississippi Gun Laws' started by deadmothdave, May 9, 2018.

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    Hello all. Had some business to attend to at the Forrest County Chancery Court in Hattiesburg. At the metal detector, when directed to place my property in the tray, I presented my permit and informed that I was carrying. The deputy stated, rather forcefully, that I was going to have to take the firearm back to my car. I attempted to inform him that it was an enhanced permit but, he just repeated the same thing.

    I was in a hurry and didn't want to cause a scene, so I just complied and locked it up in the car.

    I'm wondering, has there been a change in the law? It was my understanding that carry was allowed in court houses with the enhanced permit.

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    watching.....................and waiting
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    IIRC, you can be denied access to the courtroom while court is in session, but not the court house.

    The name of the group is escaping me, Mississippi Carry maybe? They have challenged several counties and cities in the state and won. Miker84 on here was big into it, but he’s not been active on here in some time and I don’t know if he’s still involved in that.

    ETA: here’s their Facebook

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    Thanks for the reply. This metal detector was at the entrance to the building. Guess I need to get in touch with Mississippi Carry. I remember hearing about them when they were just getting started. I ment to see about joining up but, kinda got sidetracked lol.

    Anyone know if they have a website?

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  5. deadmothdave

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    You added their facebook while I was replying. Thanks!
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  6. Chris Boyd

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    The judges in Forrest county signed an order extending the boundaries of the “courtroom” to encompass the entire building. This was done shortly after the Enhanced Carry bill was signed into law. I’ve been “forced” to return my CCW to my car on numerous occasions. There used to be a copy of the order tacked up on a small bulletin board just inside the Chancery Building entrance, before you pass through the metal detector. I’ve commented on the forum in the past regarding this very issue. It is a direct subversion of state law by these few judges. And something that has been copied at many courthouses throughout the state. And when I say copied, I mean that quite literally. The orders in Forrest and Warren counties are almost word for word the same.
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  7. And the Mississippi legislature is ??? on this?

    Oh, sorry, they're out of session/adjourned for the rest of the year.

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    It hasn't been challenged yet?
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    In the Harrison County Courthouse, you can carry on the first floor where most of the county offices are located, but you can't carry to the second floor where the Courtrooms are located; the have their metal detectors set up at the entry area to the stairs and elevators.
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    Haven't noticed any metal detectors at the Jefferson county courthouse, but I don't make regular trips upstairs to the actual courtroom.
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    I try to stay away from courtrooms. You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...sometimes even on the spectator side of the court. :D
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    Their website appears to be down but they were just posting on Facebook last month.
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  13. mascott

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    I joined when they first came into being. Haven't heard a word since paying my monet.
  14. rigrat

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    Contact Rick Ward.
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    Same thing at the Monroe Cty court house in Aberdeen. :rolleyes: That and CAFB are the only places I don't carry (usually). PITA, but not likely to change in my lifetime.
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  16. ThatGuy

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    Same here
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    Hmmm...no problems at the Smith County or Jasper County courthouses, last I checked.
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    Lamar Co.
    But what about all those shootings and killings they have had,
    Did you factor that in?
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    I thought Rick had already resolved Hattiesburg.
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    Sorry, excuse my french, but what part of "kiss my ass" did they fail to understand? Cause that is damn sure what I would have told them.