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what I like about mine is this, I have some good tactical "iron sights" on the M&P 15T and I can look through the Eotech and still see the iron...so I'm not totally out of luck if I were to have a battery failure on the Holo

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I have an EOtech mounted on a bushy M4 .. really liked it so much I wanted another one for a Ruger Mini-14. While at the range one day, a fellow had an AR with, what looked like, an EOtech sitting on top. I walked over and asked him how he like it. He said it was not an EOtech but a Bushnell. I looked at it and he offered to let me put a few rounds down range - took him up on the offer. I could not tell any difference between by EOtech and the Bushnell's sight picture. Later that night I did some research on the Bushnell and decided to give one a try; especially in that they were anywhere from $150 - $200 cheaper than the same style EOtech.

Advantages of the EOtech:
1. uses AA batteries
2. can install a lens cover

Advantages of the Bushnell:
1. one button on/off operation

They both seem to zero about the same when dismounted and remounted on same weapon -- both require some minor adjustment.

I am just waiting to see which one "breaks" first!!

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