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I sent the wrong file for this event. Due to it being a postal match with the Wellington Club in New Zealand, it will have to be fired at 100 yards. Here is the corrected program:

and the
Wellington Service Rifle Association of New Zealand

When: November 20, 2010
Rules: CMP Competition Rules
Entries start: 8:30AM, Firing starts at 9:00AM
What: A competition designed to be fired with Military Service rifles.
Sponsored by: Southwest Gun Club
Location and directions to the range:
Where: Southwest Gun Club’s McComb Range facility. It is 6 miles East of McComb, MS on US Highway 98. When driving from McComb, drive East on US98 until you see the Homestead turnoff sign. Drive 2 miles further and the entrance to the range is on the North side of the road. If driving from Tylertown, MS, drive past the Bogue Chitto River Park and look for a roadside market on the right. The range road is 2.2 miles past the store. The name of the range road is Edna Drive.

Competition open to: Any US Citizen 14 years old or older
Entry Fees: Seniors: $10.00 for each individual match or both matches. Juniors: $5.00 for both matches. A shooter is considered a Junior until the last day of the year of their 20th Birthday.
Equipment: Shooting coats of canvas or leather and gloves are allowed. Spotting telescopes and ground mats are allowed. Standard Military slings of canvas or leather may be used except in standing position.
Rifles allowed: In Garand Match, as issued US .30 Service Rifles: M1 Garand. 1903, 1903A3, 1917 US Enfield, 1892-99 Springfield (Krag), US Johnson Rifle Model 1941 and US M1 Carbine. Any alterations to service rifles will disqualify the shooter. M1 Rifles are available on loan to club members and first time shooters.
In Vintage Bolt Action Military Rifle Match: Any service grade military bolt action rifle, of any Country, in as issued condition. Any alterations to service rifles will disqualify the shooter.
Ammunition in Garand Match: .30 M2 Ball must be furnished by the sponsor. No one may bring their own ammunition unless they are shooting a Springfield 1892-99 or an M1 Carbine. Match grade reloads are not allowed. Seniors will pay $15.00 for 35 rounds. Juniors will not pay for the ammunition.
Ammunition for Vintage Bolt Action Military Match: .30 M2 Ball available for Seniors at $15.00 for 35 rounds. Juniors will not pay for the .30-06 ammunition. Shooters will provide all other caliber ammunition but it must not be match grade.
NOTE: Let me know if you are going to compete, so I can bring enough ammo for the match. All brass will be the property of the club. If you are a club member of a Clinic Member, you may also draw an M1 Rifle for this match. You must contact the club so a rifle will be at the range for your use.
Course of fire: John C. Garand Match Course A and Vintage Bolt Action Military Rifle Course A. All shooting done at 100 yards on the SR-1 target,
5 shots for sighters in 5 minutes.
1. 10 shots in prone slowfire single loaded 10 minutes time limit including sighters
2. 10 shots in prone rapid fire from standing 70 seconds for Garand and 80 seconds for Vintage bolt action match
3. 10 shots standing slow fire 10 minutes
4. Aggregate of 1-2-3
General information: Bring water and lunch. Eye and hearing protection are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED on the line and in the pits.
Contact for more information:
Doug Bowser
c/o Southwest Gun Club, Inc.
Po Box 1061
McComb, MS 39649
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