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Extra high Leupold rings:

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I have a vari-X III 4.5-14X50AO scope and the Leupold high mounts will not let the scope clear the barrel. I went to purchase the extra high mounts and the salesman told me that I would run into problems with the scope mounted that high. He stated that I may have problems if I were to shoot over 300yds. Can someone give me a little advice on this? Not saying that I shoot that far all the time, but if the condition and situation is right, I don't want to feel restricted on stretching it out. Any feedback is welcome!
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is the ao what's giving you problems, what gun ?
I have that scope in a 40 mm bell, I've had to go to the 50's ever since my eyes have been going bad
heck yea, I'll trade with ya. Got mine mounted on a 270 vanguard and I sure hate seperate em since they perform
so well together but I haven't shot it in 4-5 years. Got the
paper work on the scope too. Matte finish ...
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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